Camp Roberts Landfill Expansion

CQA and Design Support for South Unit Landfill Composite Liner System

Location:Paso Robles, California
Client(s):California Army National Guard/Avocet Environmenta
Key Personnel:Suji Somasundaram, Michael Raub, Mark Huggard, Kris Khilnani
Completion Date:2012

     CQA services for 12-acre landfill cell, including composite liner and leachate collection system construction, perimeter berm earthworks, and other infrastructure

     Construction of composite liner system over pre-existing surcharged / compacted waste

     CQA for 1.6 million sq. ft. of geosynthetics, including HDPE, GCL, geocomposite and geotextiles

     Design support including seismic slope stability analyses and development of liner system specifications