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If you want to go bold with the already daring LV Surya bag, get yourself a cherry red bag. Red patent leather is a fave among the celebs. Whereas once a woman was expected to match her purse with her shoes, today's fashion daringly mixes it up, using color in a liberating way as we have never done before. They also come in brown and black, if the shininess of the leather is enough for you to make a statement and you want to play down the effect. The LV Surya handbag is extremely versatile, being as comfortable during the day as in the evening. It can be worn over the shoulder, around the elbow, or grabbed by hand the MOST trendy way. How you hold the bag is the least of your problems trying not to wear this gem of a bag everyday now that's another story!?The Symbolism and Meaning of the Color Yellow Ever giuseppe zanotti sale noticed how a bright, sunny day

can make us feel more energized and giuseppe zanotti pumps happy, while a dark, cloudy one may leave us feeling tired and a little grumpy. Just like the weather can affect the way we feel, the colors we use in our homes can impact us as well. The color yellow has been known to brighten and lighten any room in the home. In Feng Shui, colors are categorized into five elements: earth, fire, metal, wood and water. These five elements can bring harmony and balanced to the home, when used properly. Yellow can be categorized into two elements, earth and fire. Light yellow is an earth element, while a stronger yellow is considered to be a fire element. In Feng Shui, the fire element (darker yellows) must balance with the other elements. Doing so will create perfect balance in our lives. For instance, too much fire can make us feel angry and impatient, while not having enough fire can actually make us seem cold and distant, The Fire and Wood Elements balances each other very well. Earth Tones (lighter yellows), on giuseppe zanotti th

e other hand, gives us a sense of ambition and motivation. Earth and Metal Tones makes the perfect balance. Yellow symbolize more than just a color, in many cultures. In China, the color is associated with goodluck. Royal Palaces were decorated with this lively color, as well as the robes and attires of the greatest Royal Emperors. In China, there is also a saying that goes, giuseppe zanotti sneakers "Yellow generates Yin and Yang, in which the color itself symbolizes earth. In Ancient Egypt, meaning yellow in Egypt, symbolized the sun. They were both considered eternal and indestructible. Yellow is also highly respected in Buddhism. Monks wore yellow garments , as well as the Buddhist temples. giuseppe zanotti sneakers In Hinduism, Lord Krishna and Ganesha wore yellow dresses because the color represented knowledge and wisdom. It also symbolized peace, competence and mental development. Brighten up your home with the yellow duvet covers from Bedroom Duvet Spot. At Bedroom Duvet Spot, you will find a large selection of bedroom duvet cov

ers, luxury quilts and more.?The Three Women of Summer 2011 As the weather gets humid and hot, Summer 2011 fashions get cool giuseppe zanotti sneakers and light. I will describe three musthaves for three different styles. These styles include the Feminine Elegance, the Arty Fashionista, and the Casual HomebodyGirl.